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Communication Industry

    Guangdong is to step up the development of information industry and boost the harmonized growth of the production service and manufacturing sector. The province is to speed up the development of broadband communication network, digital TV network, the next generation Internet and other information infrastructure and standardize and regulate the communications management. Guangdong is to expand telecommunication service, encourage development of the value-added telecom service and boost the information service and integration of telecommunication business. Guangdong is to establish and perfect the credit, certification, standardization and payment-supporting system; perfect the policy and laws and regulations for e-commerce and popularize the application of e-commerce. The province is to make great efforts to develop computer-related services and software services, put the focus on specialized and high-grade middle ware and software supporting platforms, plan and construct a batch of software industrial parks with features, software bases and software export-oriented bases and make great efforts to develop the digital industries. By 2010, Guangdong is planning to complete the establishment of the relatively perfect and mature IT-application service system and to develop the IT service industry into an advanced leading sector. We plan that the telephone popularization in the province is to reach 48/100 persons, the MP popularization to reach 99/100 persons, the urban Internet application ratio to reach more than 60% and the electronic politic business to extend to all counties.

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